Showcasing the Most Exciting Innovation in Farm Management, Nutrition and Health Innovation

The Aquaculture Innovation Summit is a new conference, as part of the Animal Health Innovation series, which focuses on showcasing and supporting innovation and sustainability initiatives in three key areas of aquaculture: farm management, nutrition and health.

Our objective at this two-day event is to bring to light cutting-edge modern technologies and solutions that are helping shape one of the most important industries for the future of global protein.

Below is a preview of some of the topics to be discussed:

  • Innovation Showcase: The 10 most exciting innovations in aqua across farm management, nutrition and health
  • New vaccines: How can we effectively develop new fish vaccines?
  • Global Protein 2050: How aquaculture can help to feed a growing world


The Summit is a two-day conference on 28 – 29 September, with an additional afternoon of networking on 27th September for those that would like additional face-to-face time with peers.




1-to1 Meetings

21 one-to-one meetings

1-to-1 pre-scheduled
meetings (per person)


Innovation Showcase


Must attend
Industry Event

Global Advisors

Viggo Halseth


Morten Nordstad


Chris Beattie


Carlos Alberto Kuada


Tim Wallis

Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd

Randolph Richards

University of Stirling

Matthias Hofer

Stonehaven Consulting

Avrim Lazar

Global Salmon Initiative

The Event

1-to-1 MeetingsInnovation Showcase
All our guests will have access to the MEETING MOJO platform, which allows you to create a bespoke meeting schedule, ensuring you connect with the industry stakeholders that are most important in building your business.

Login details for the ‘MEETING MOJO’ platform will be sent to all registered attendees 4 weeks prior to the event to allow for connections to be made online and scheduling to occur.


Our Selection Committee will select from our list of applicants a list of twelve Emerging/ Start up companies to present to our audience. These presentations will showcase the innovation and opportunity these emerging companies bring to their various markets.

Submissions will be accepted through 3rd August 2017

Emerging Companies are defined as early to mid-stage aquaculture/ animal health pharmaceutical, biotech and technology companies that are actively seeking financial investment or product licensing/acquisition. These can range from new spin-out companies that are not revenue generating all the way up to larger entities that have revenues of up to £20 million and are looking to increase scale and manufacturing.

These companies will have developed new novel technologies, nutritional products, vaccines or biologicals and operate in aquaculture farming, feed and health markets.